14.3 Butterflies

As you explore Aetolia, particularly Sehal, the Savannah, and the Pash  
valley, you will notice a variety of butterflies flitting to and fro.   
Though you could kill them, slaying a butterfly is hardly something to  
be proud of, although Arinas in the Great Rock will give you a small sum
for dead butterflies.                                                   

There does exist, however, at the entrance to Sehal, a man named Vellis.
This man has a penchant for butterflies and will be willing to give you 
gold for live butterflies. To capture these butterflies alive, however, 
requires a butterfly net. Simply GREET VELLIS and accept the butterfly  
net he offers you. Then, wield the net, find a butterfly, and CATCH     

There are six types of butterflies in Aetolia. Ranging from most common 
(and least valuable to Vellis) to rarest (and most valuable to Vellis)  
they are:                                                               

red admiral butterfly
white pearl butterfly
indigo nightfire butterfly
glitterlight butterfly
golden emperor butterfly
summerstorm butterfly