Body Part Damage

13.8 Body Part Damage

There are six body parts for the purposes of damage and combat in       

          Left Arm                      Right Arm

          Left Leg                      Right Leg

Each of these body parts is able to take individual damage, and         
generally attacks will tell you which body part they are attacking, if  
any. If no body part is shown in an attack, then you are just taking    
general damage.                                                         

Attacks vs. body parts do both general damage against your health, and  
damage vs. that body part. However, generally-speaking, the damage to   
your health done by an attack vs. a body part will be less than if it   
wasn't targetted to a body part.                                        

Now, each body part takes damage seperately from the other body parts.  
If a body part takes too much damage, it will start showing symptoms of 
its damage. At first, there will be minor symptoms. As damage increases 
on that limb, major symptoms may appear.                                

Major symptoms must be cured before minor symptoms; however, to cure a  
major symptom, you must start to restore the damage on that limb before 
you have any hope of the symptom disappearing. The restoration salve (or
jecis poultice if you are undead) is very useful for this.              

Please note that even though you may have no symptoms, the body part may
still have damage on it. This is typically called asymptomatic and it is
possible that the tiniest bit of damage may cause minor symptoms to     

Below is a chart listing the symptoms for each body part.

Bodypart        Minor Symptom        Major Symptoms
--------        -------------        --------------
Head            Muddled thoughts     Concussion

Body            Minor bleeding       Serious bleeding
                and reduced          and reduced natural
                natural healing      healing

Limbs           Limb breaks          Limb is mutilated and broken and
                                     cannot be healed without first
                                     applying restoration salve
                                     or jecis poultice (for undead).

In order to deal out body part damage, which is possible with weapons   
and with some abilities, you must first obtain the TARGETTING ability in
the Weaponry skill.                                                     

Furthermore, if you have the PARRYING ability in Weaponry, you will, if 
you have a weapon capable of parrying wielded (Probe it to find out), be
able to parry attacks to a body part, thus taking no damage.