Become Undead

4.12.1 Become Undead

In order to attain undeath you must do two simple things.

First you must drop your blood level under 5 percent. You can do this in
one of two ways. You may find a vampire to FEED from you or you may use 
the command SLIT WRISTS to drain your blood, with an edged weapon in    
hand such as a dirk or a dagger.                                        

Secondly, with a shovel in hand, use the command BURY MYSELF in a       
natural environment. If your blood level is low enough you will expire, 
joining the forces of the undead. If your blood level is too high, you  
will simply perish.                                                     

Be warned, becoming undead is permanent and is difficult to reverse.    
Only the gods can reverse undeath, and you must petition your patron to 
make it so.