Azvosh, the Elemental Plane of Earth

20.6.1 Azvosh, the Elemental Plane of Earth

Azvosh. An Earthen word that bears little meaning in the common tongue of Sapience, but brings imagery to those versed in the harsh language of unyielding darkness and an unending expanse of pitiless earth. Jagged mountains and pools of magma dot the landscape that shifts with the passage of its inhabitants; the Earthen. Having subjugated the various elementals and finally the great wyrms upon which they make their wars, the Earthen claim dominion over the whole of the elemental plane of Earth.

In the centermost portion of the plane, a vast city shaped of earth and bone rises up in the the great darkness to dominate the horizon. Known as Azvosh Rakar, the continent-wide city was built by the Shapers through their sheer will and now houses the great warbands of the Earthen hordes. Lead by the Council of Ash, a body consisting of all warbands of the Earthen, they dominate the whole of Azvosh from its lofty towers.