6.1 Astronomy

The skies of Aetolia are full of interesting objects to the             
astronomically minded.                                                  

The moon is in the sky approximately half the time, but not always at   
night. The moon undergoes phases in a familiar way, and the moon's phase
determines when it rises and sets. You can use VIEW MOON command to see 
whether the moon is visible and what phase it is in.                    

Aetolia also has a large number of constellations, including twelve     
major constellations that make up the Mejevsavelnel. While              
constellations are in the sky at all times of the day, they are visible 
only at night. Aetolians who have learned into the Apprentice level in  
Vision will possess the ability to STARGAZE and see which constellations
are in the sky. Occasionally, stargazing will reveal more esoteric      
astronomical objects.                                                   

It should be noted that the following can be done with a telescope:

ANGLE TELESCOPE AT <constellation>

Any particular constellation will be in the sky for a certain period of 
time and then absent for a longer period. Some, but not all, of the     
constellations are present for exactly one month out of every Aetolian  
year, so that their appearances coincide with the same Aetolian dates   
every year.                                                             

The stars of Aetolia are powerful, and many of the constellations will  
affect your body or mind for good or for ill. The constellations might  
raise every Aetolian's dexterity and/or increase every Aetolian's       
maximum health (HELP STAT, HELP SCORE). As these effects depend on which
constellations are present at any given time, they will change over time
as the constellations rise and fall. While these effects are sometimes  
negative, it is important to note that the stars are fair over time: any
negative effect of one constellation is balanced by a corresponding     
positive effect of another.                                             

Star Name       Positive           Negative
                Effects            Effects

Aidien              -              Health
Alitheia        Endurance              -
Alysida         Constitution       Dexterity
Artos           Intelligence       Dexterity
Averroes        Mana                   -
Cthalut         Dexterity          Intelligence
Izu-Ari         Constitution       Intelligence
Keyo and Shiri  Willpower              -
Lyrana          Intelligence       Strength
Peripleko           -              Willpower
Sekhtet         Intelligence       Constitution
Shenebre        Dexterity          Strength
Sukula          Strength           Dexterity
Svastusel           -              Endurance
Treyes          Strength           Intelligence
Ulgar           Health                 -
Umbrael             -              Mana
Vayua           Constitution       Strength
Verdantia       Dexterity          Constitution

Please note: Health, Mana, Endurance and Willpower are all a 5% change  
based a player's maximum value for the respective stat.