Ascendril Artifacts

23.4.2 Ascendril Artifacts

Below are a list of artifact powers that directly affect those of the Ascendril class. For additional information on artifacts and artifact powers AP provides a list of the syntax available.

AP: equilibrium_recovery      a silver crown                        850 cr
    - Reduces the time it takes to recover equilibrium by about 7%.

AP: L1, L2, L3 magic_potence  a collar of augmention
    Increases damage done for the following attacks:
       * Elemancy: Beam, Staffcast, Arcblaze
    - L1 magic_potence        10%                                   400 cr
    - L2 magic_potence        15%                                   800 cr
    - L3 magic_potence        20%                                  1600 cr

AP: mana_boon                 robes of the magi                    1000 cr
    - Cuts your mana usage by one third.

AP: L1, L2, L3 hunt_ascendril  
    An orichalcum elemental focus. The powers will increase the damage the player does to MOBILES ONLY while their current class is the class to which the power is attributed.
    -L1 hunt_ascendril         5% bonus                             200 cr
    -L2 hunt_ascendril        10% bonus                             400 cr
    -L3 hunt_ascendril        15% bonus                             800 cr


AP: mini_crystal              a dominion crystal                    400 cr
    - Lets you fold pearls and refine crystals from it. This will hold up to 10000 facets, and can only be used by the owner.