Arget Massai

25.12.2 Arget Massai

Nestled in the heart of the Siroccians, the settlement of Arget Massai is the home of the first free Grecht to escape the control of the Second Imperium, rulers of the Dehkay Plateau. With assistance from Spinesreach and Bloodloch, they built their clay aeries and ash gardens around the peak of Mount Sheine, and now freely welcome and trade with the people of the mainland. 

Rumours persist of dangerous rivalry between Massai and the far-north Arget Efri, suggesting that the Second Imperium is not as disinterested in the free Grecht as it might appear. For now, however, the dragoons have not ventured far enough south to infringe on the free state, and it remains a bastion of rest and peace in the wilderness of the Siroccian mountains.