Ale Run

18.3.1 Ale Run

Every so often, Dwarves everywhere will have a spontaneous celebration. As the celebration reaches its peak, thousands of drunk Dwarves spill out across the land of Sapience, and the Ale Run begins!

During an Ale Run, GREET any drunk Dwarf revelers you come across. They will share with you a celebratory brew that you will automatically down. You will gain points based on how strong the drink you received was. And, of course, you'll get drunker. Continue seeking out more revelers to receive more drinks and points.

During the event, you will not be able to use the PURGE BODY ability. However, some prudent revelers may end up giving you a special Dwarven tonic when you greet them which will help clear the alcohol from your system. 

You can check ALESCORES during the event to see your score and the top ten placings.