Affliction Types

13.7.3 Affliction Types

Some skills and abilities only cure certain types of afflictions, such as Focusing in Survival which only cures mental afflictions. Currently there are three affliction types; mental, physical, and venom-based.

This list shows you what falls under who:

Mental                  Physical                 Venom-based
-------------           -------------            -------------
egocentric              paresis/paralysis        paresis/paralysis
stupidity               broken limbs             broken limbs
anorexia                haemophilia              anorexia
epilepsy                asthma                   clumsiness
mirroring               impairment               recklessness
mental disruption       clumsiness               asthma
peace                   vomiting                 shyness
paranoia                sensitivity              allergies
hallucinations          ringing ears             dizziness
shyness                 limp veins               anorexia
stuttering              lethargy                 limp veins
dizziness               blood poisoning          stupidity
indifference            blood curse              squelched
berserking              crippled throat          thin blood
pacifism                sandrot                  vomiting
lovers effect           disfigurement            slickness
laxity                  ablaze                   weariness
hatred                  shivering                peace
generosity              frozen                   haemophilia
claustrophobia          rend                     sensitivity
vertigo                 exhausted                disfigurement
faintness               blisters
loneliness              allergies
agoraphobia             addiction
masochism               hypersomnia
recklessness            heartflutter
weariness               burnt eyes
impatience              blurry vision
confusion               migraine
dementia                deadening