Adessim Adessim

Tribe Adessim, formerly united with tribe Urrop, split off after the first invasion of Sapience, having discovered the continent's practice of undeath. Becoming obsessed with it and its close adherence to the principles of corruption, they became devotees of the state, combining ideas from the mainland with the age-old teachings of the Nazedha Sages.

Regarded near-uniformly as heretics, they have firmly sided themselves with tribe Karthek. The worst of the Adessim are the Kelonari, the blood lords, a particular form of Nazedha Consanguine who combine Sage teachings with Bloodborn ritual to deadly effect.

Adessim comprises the Edezi and Misi peoples primarily, and these two surnames are by far the most common among Arqeshi and Nazetu descended from this branch of the Urrop tribe.