Knockout - Arena mod

Knockout is an arena modification that can be to applied to free-for-alls to make them work like a knockout tournament. After the event starts, everyone will be paired up with someone else, and won't be able to attack anybody except their paired target. Whoever kills the other will advance to the next round.

Pairings are purely random. There is no seeding involved. When you defeat your partner, you will be healed up and given a short period of grace in which to prepare for your next match.

If the number of participants is not equal to a power of 2, then some people will advance automatically to the second round. This is called a bye. 

KNOCKOUT <arena> [startRound]

View the knockout ladder for the event in specified arena. It will, by default, show the ladder starting from the first round. However, if need be, you can specify a round from which to start viewing the ladder from.