11.2.8 Ivoln, the Earthen Lord

The undead call Him Father, for it is His essence that tethers them to this realm, kept greedily at bay from the Underking's Halls.

The followers of Ivoln seek to emulate their Father in their purity, taking on the qualities of the rock, the crystal, the unhewn ore. For them, cleansing the self of Life is both symbolic and pragmatic, a belief grounded in the eschewing of not only physical mortal limitations, such as flesh and organs, but metaphysical limitations, like emotions or pain, as well.

The strongest, most physically impressive warriors make up the brunt of Ivoln's forces; He shows favor to barbarians, soldiers, and martial artists. Vast warbands and tribes of Earthen pay respect to Lord Ivoln from their elemental plane, the world of Azvosh, where long ago, He subjugated the mighty armies with sheer force and brute strength.

Ivoln's followers have adopted many symbols to denote His holy works: often an Earthen wyrm, or an egg of marble. In recent times, He has come to favor the skull, for its simple and evocative message.