23.3.8 Iron Coin Artifacts

The following artifacts may be purchased via Bloody Iron Coins from the Artifact purchase system.

Type AP PURCHASE LIST COIN to see these items and AP to get full commands for the purchase system.

Where applicable the name of the power has been listed below the artifact. If that is not available, please refer to AP LIST COINS.

AP:                  a crystal of the Aztob Cult           5 ic
    - CRACK <crystal#> to be unenemied from the Aztob Cult

AP:                  a crystal of the Demonsbane Revolt    5 ic
    - CRACK <crystal#> to be unenemied from the Demonsbane Revolt
AP:                  a broken piece from a chest          10 ic
    - Put together three of these to make a cryptic chest.

AP: shovel           a venantium shovel                   10 ic
    - This shovel never breaks, and the balance time to use it is half of the normal digging time.

AP: narcotic_bane    a bottle of potent energy juice      20 ic
    - While holding this, it will grant you immunity to the 'tripping hard' affliction.

AP: amplified_voice  a vocal amplifier box                20 ic
    - Your voice will no longer be drowned out by strong winds.

AP: washing          a moist washrag                      20 ic
    - This washrag can be used to SCRUB away bad smells quicker than normal.

AP: free_language    a heavily-etched silver token        20 ic
    - This token can be REDEEMed to instantly learn a language of your choice. Works for any language under HELP LINGUISTICS. You don't need the linguistics talent to use this.

AP: stealth_booze    a concealed flask                    25 ic
    - You can fill this flask with alcohol and then SWIG FLASK to take a drink from it without anyone seeing it happen. Great for when you need to sit through a boring special occasion!

AP:                  a portable folding table            25 ic
    - A small table you can carry around with you and prop up for use as an arm wrestling table. Drop the table, and then ARMWRESTLE CHALLENGE <target>. When the contest begins, you keep doing ARMWRESTLE PUSH, ARMWRESTLE STEADY or ARMWRESTLE SURGE until you beat your opponent!

AP: sleeping_bag     sleeping bag                        30 ic
    - This sleeping bag will increase endurance regeneration, health regeneration, and rate of sleepiness reduction while sleeping.

AP: public_writer    a post office contract              30 ic
    - You will no longer be charged for posting to the public news board.

AP: chessboard       a miniature chessboard              30 ic
    - A chessboard you can take with you anywhere! HELP CHESS for information.

AP: vermin_bait      some vermin bait                    30 ic
    - This bait will attract more vermin in non-sewer rooms! Increases vermin per day from 3 to 5 for the next 5 minutes. WAVE BAIT in the room.

AP: windbag          a brass bullhorn                    30 ic
    - Now you can annoy everybody twice as much with pointless banter! This artifact will halve the endurance and willpower cost when shouting. 

    WARNING!: Does not protect you from the zaps of irritated Gods; use with caution.

AP: pet_addict       a pet leash                         30 ic
    - Too many minipets and can't choose a favourite to keep with you? Now you don't have to! This leash will allow the owner to have up to five minipets with them at once.

AP: meteorologist    a silver and bronze anemometer      30 ic
    - Allows the user access to the FORECAST command, revealing precise measurements and extra information of the weather around them.

AP: artifact_pike    a venantium pike                    30 ic
    - This pike (and whatever head is attached to it) will never decay. Will reset to your inventory after one week once dropped somewhere, but can be articalled back earlier.

AP: vortexentry      a chaos crystal                     30 ic
    - Speeds up movement to and from the Shattered Vortex, decreasing the channel time to 5 seconds.

AP: pocketwatch      a brass pocketwatch                 30 ic
    - The TIME command will show the exact time it is in the world of Aetolia, e.g. "Twilight has overtaken the light in Aetolia. (21:03:30)".

AP: linked_container a nebulous bag                      30 ic
    - By PAIR-ing two (or more) of these artifacts together, they will begin to share the same storage space. That is, putting an item in one of the containers will allow you to take the item out of any of the others. You can UNPAIR <item> at any time to undo this, but anything inside the space will no longer be accessible to you.

AP: tipjar           a glass tip jar                     30 ic
    - Set this jar down somewhere and people can put gold into it for you, allowing you (and only you) to empty it later. Should this jar be placed in a library or a shop front, any dues/taxes owed will attempt to be paid automatically from the jar. In the case of a shop, the tip jar needs to belong to the owner of the shop and the owner must not be considered dormant.

AP: drunk_understand a Dwarven ear horn                  30 ic
    - This artifact allows you to understand even the most slurred of drunken speech. Perfect when in the company of Spireans.

AP: soundsleeper     a large, rugged pillow              30 ic
    - Having this pillow in your inventory while sleeping will stop the standard sleeping messages shown to people in the room with you (i.e. Razmael cries out in his sleep etc). It also lets you use the EMOTE command while you're asleep, so you can make your own sleeping habits!

AP: keepsake         a keepsake box                      35 ic
    - This box can only be used for storing letters, and only the owner can remove letters from it. Any non-preserved letters will also decay a lot slower inside the box.

AP: spike            a tube of concentrated alcohol      35 ic
    - Allows you to SPIKE <drink> to add alcohol content to most non-alcoholic drinks. Doesn't work with curatives.

AP: ledger           a shopkeeper's ledger               40 ic
    - Whenever someone buys anything from your shop, this will alert you if you're online. It will tell you what was bought, who bought it, and from what shop.

AP: smokebox         an ironwood smoke box               40 ic
    - Fumology-crafted products such as cigarettes, cigars, and blend packets placed within this box will not decay. The item gets a single free customization, which you can also use to customize the messages for opening, closing, and removing items from the box. Can hold up to ten items at a time.

AP: fashionista      a shimmering moth trap              40 ic
    - Increases the amount of outfit layouts you can memorize from 2 to 20.

AP: ventriloquism    a simple sock puppet                40 ic
    - Master the art of throwing your voice with this sock puppet! VOICETHROW <direction> <message> will allow you to speak in an adjacent room, appearing as a 'disembodied voice'. VOICETHROW HERE <message> to make it appear as if the puppet is talking in your current location!

AP: clockwork_bat    a clockwork messenger bat           40 ic
    - This bat was once a promotion item and is now being released to the public! CRANK BAT FOR <target> SAYING <message>, will send bat flying off to your target to deliver its message. Can only be used once every 15 minutes.

AP: transparent_sight  a luminous eyepatch               40 ic
    - This eyepatch will grant you the ability to see through things! Can glance/squint past closed doors and walls (icewalls, etc) when worn.

AP: unify            a kufi of sacraments                40 ic
    - When worn, the kufi of sacraments allows the owner to UNIFY couples, pronouncing upon them the Rites of Unity.

AP: clearsight       a clarion eyeglass                  40 ic
    - Wearing this eyeglass will extend the range of the Farsight ability, permitting you to see not only the area, but the exact room that your target can be found in.

AP: artifact_bolas   a three-weight bola                 50 ic
    - This item, when wielded, can be used like a web tattoo, thrown at the opponent to tie him or her up. Uses balance instead of equilibrium. THROW BOLAS <dir> AT <target>.

AP: parting          a ring of parting                   50 ic
    - Simply POINT PARTING <direction> to part any water the specified direction. Must be worn in order to work properly.

AP: flooding         a ring of the flood                 50 ic
    - While one wears this ring, they may FLOOD, and their location will suddenly fill up with water.

AP: sacrifice        a jewel-encrusted sacrificial dagger  50 ic
    - Offer to your God without being at a shrine! It will also work with linked shrines to generate ylem for the city. At a shrine, ATTUNE your dagger to attune it to the deity of your choice. UNATTUNE from anywhere to reverse this. SYNTAX: SACRIFICE <corpse>.

AP: quicklearn       a Libram of Enlightenment           50 ic
    - When in your inventory, the Libram of Enlightenment allows the owner to bypass any teaching messages and get straight to learning.

AP: endless_eggnog   a glass of neverending eggnog       50 ic
    - Another old promotion item! Every howling, this glass will refill with five sips of delicious eggnog. Drinking the eggnog will grant you one of the following defences for an hour: increased crit chance, increased health, increased mana, increased experience gain, increased endurance regen, increased willpower regen. You can only have one eggnog buff at a time, as redrinking the eggnog will remove any current eggnog buffs you have.

AP: colour_write                                         50 ic
    - Allows you to WRITE on books/letters with colour! Refer to HELP WRITING IN COLOUR.

AP: librarysearch                                        50 ic
    - Allows you to LIBRARY SEARCH <phrase> while in a library to perform a search of all its books contents. Has a 3 second cooldown between searches.

AP: librarylink                                          50 ic
    - Allows you to LIBRARY LINK while standing in a library, to be able to access that library and use library-related commands for it from anywhere.

AP: hourglass       a bronze hourglass                   50 ic
    - You can TURN HOURGLASS <x> SECONDS/MINUTES and sand will begin to trickle through the hourglass. Once the alloted time has passed, the hourglass will alert everybody in the room. You cannot set anything longer 24 hours.

AP: fob_switcher                                         50 ic
    - This artifact power is intended to be added to an existing vocal fob, and having this power will let you switch your vox type at-will, without any sort of annoying cooldown!

AP: divining        a crystal divining skull             60 ic
    - Held in one's inventory, the crystal divining skull will inform the bearer of precisely the location at which death has taken a new victim.

AP: speedwalk_bonus  the winged slippers of Xon          60 ic
    - These slippers will reduce the time between speedwalking steps to 75% of normal. Note that this is only effective for the autowalker used with the in-game map.

AP: craftstamp      a crafting stamp                     65 ic
    - This item allows a crafter to customize the mark left on their crafted items (i.e. It bears the distinctive mark of). The item gets a single free customization, during which you can specify what you want the message to be. Message is subject to administration approval. Limit of 240 characters for the message.

AP: putty           an amorphous putty                   70 ic
    - PRESS PUTTY TO <thing>. MOLD PUTTY. PRESS this putty against another item or NPC and the putty will remember that thing's current form. You may then MOLD PUTTY to change its form into its remembered shape, and UNMOLD PUTTY to return it to normal. The putty can only remember the form of one object, and pressing it against another object will cause it to forget its previous.

AP: namedrop        a shrunken head                      70 ic
    - Whenever someone speaks your name within the realm, this shrunken head will sneeze!

AP: see_all_exits   Peripleko's Eye                      70 ic
    - See where all concealed exits lead, without ever needing to consult your Secrets ability.

AP: race_disguise   Disguising Gem                       80 ic
    - Pose as any race as well as either an undead or one of the living. SYNTAX: DISGUISE.

AP: wardrobe        a wooden wardrobe with Ankyrean relief carvings  80 ic
    - This wardrobe only works when placed down in a house. Changing outfits using the OUTFIT WEAR command will send any clothes that are part of other outfit sets you have memorized into the wardrobe globally, freeing up your inventory. Anything in the wardrobe will automatically come into your inventory when you try to wear an outfit layout they belong to. And to top it off, any clothing inside the wardrobe will decay at roughly half its normal rate - similar to a stasis bag.

AP: antifollowing   a mantle of dissolution              90 ic
    - This mantle will prevent others from following you while worn.

AP: all_profs       bracers of proficiency               90 ic
    - All weapon proficiencies will be clear as day and come as second nature while these fine bracers are worn.

AP: putrescine      an ampoule of putrescine            100 ic
    - POURing this over someone will make them stinky! Can only be used once every 15 minutes.

AP: fakedeath       an inscribed grave marker           100 ic
    - This artifact lets you fake your death by sending a fake deathsight message to those in the same room as you, and those adjacent to your room. You can supply a room number to specify what room you 'died' for the purposes of the divining power. If you do not supply a room, your current room will be used. Usage: FAKEDEATH [room#] <message>.

AP: nocontactemote  a Bubble Wand of Personal Space     100 ic
    - Allows you to BLOW BUBBLE WAND and gain a defense to prevent all contact-based predefined emotes.

AP: warp                                                100 ic
    - Allows you to WARP, teleporting you to a random room that you can path to normally from your location. Does not work if recently involved in combat. Will not take you through doors.

AP: item_find       a Compass of Attenuation            200 ic
    - This compass can be ATTUNEd to a single item that you are holding, or is in the same room as you. Touching the compass will tell you where the item is, if possible! If being held by someone or something, it will tell you what's holding it, but not where the holder itself is. SYNTAX: ATTUNE COMPASS <item>.

AP: longhand        an extendable hand                  200 ic
    - Now you can have the ability to annoy everybody. The extendable hand allows you to use the POKE and SLAP emotes line-of-sight from you, showing as an extendable hand entering the room and performing the action on the target. Has a very small balance cost with its use.

AP: obscuring_cloak  Cloak of Obscurity                 500 ic
    - Wearing the cloak of obscurity will hide your identity when speaking and performing most non-combat actions. SYNTAX: RAISE HOOD, LOWER HOOD.

A customization certificate (10 Iron Coins)
  - A standard customization certificate, this can be used in place of the standard credit value to customize any artifact except those explicitly forbidden under HELP CUSTOMISATION.

Magic 8-Ball (10 Iron Coins)
  - The magic eightball can be used to predict the fortunes of you and your friends.

A pot of hot wax (50 Iron Coins)

A wrought golden hand (150 Iron Coins)
  - Allows you to instantly kill most NPCs (exclusions including crit-immune and loyal mobs) by turning it to gold. You'll receive 15 gold bars (the commodity), and receive an extra 250% experience from killing that mob. Can only be used once per Howling. SYNTAX: GOLDTOUCH <target>