Forum rules

The first and most important thing to realize about these forums is that they are primarily for players to talk to other players. Administrators/Immortals may occasionally participate, but for the most part will likely lurk. This will largely be a forum moderated by players and participated in by players, we hope.

General Rules

1. No posting confidential materials.
This includes but is not limited to:
- Non-newbie quests and skill information.
- Any type of non-public documentation including, but not limited to, non-disclosure agreements and private Iron Realms employee or volunteer contact information.
- Confidential guild/city/other org information such as help files or private posts.
- Disclosing, discussing, speculating on, or hinting at alternate characters of any other player without his or her strict permission.
- Posting, or paraphrasing, the text of another person's issue or issue reply without his or her explicit consent.

2. The Gods

Aetolia attempts to foster a roleplaying atmosphere, but we can't do it alone. We need the help of volunteers (almost all of the Gods are volunteers) and the players to help nurture an RP atmosphere. One of the things that we've been told by many players is that interaction with Gods is very welcome and a big reason they like Aetolia.

That's great! But one of the reasons that Gods sometimes hold back on interaction with players is that they know they're going to get harrassed for it on the forums. Further, it's difficult for Gods to retain any sense of mystery or allure for players when they're reading the forums and seeing Gods discussed like they're (the Gods) waiters at a restaurant. We also discourage Gods from arguing with players on the forums, as it's not Godly, which takes away the only legitimate way for a God to respond to a player who is using the forums to attack Him or Her.

For all these reasons, from now on, criticism of the Gods on the forums that we deem inappropriate will result in post deletion or, in the case of those who insist on continuing after being warned, forum banning. This is at our complete discretion.

However! Nobody on our end is looking to forum ban people, and it's the kind of thing that would only be employed for extreme cases - either from an individual post that's way over the top, or a series of poisonous posts. We don't want to squash discussion amongst Aetolians of good will at all.

If you have constructive criticism to offer about a God that might be the sort that's too blunt to post to the forums, the appropriate thing to do is email Aetolia's producer. razmael -at- aetolia -dot- com

3. No posting of, or posting of links to, anything that violates someone's copyright or involves stolen intellectual property.
This includes pirated music, software, and so on.

4. No advertisements.
The following are not allowed and are considered advertisements:
- Outwars / Outwars-clone link spamming / hit farming.
- Link spamming.
- Posts or links to other muds unless there's a reason to be talking about that mud.
- Posters that violate these rules will have their posts edited / deleted and have either a warning issued or face suspensions / banning. The action taken will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

5. No pornography.
This includes but may not be limited to pornography, sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal. This covers ASCII porn, /cyber logs, and links to pornography.

6. Personal attacks are not allowed.
Debate the post, not the poster. Personal attacks are taken seriously and will be dealt with using whatever action is needed. If you think you are being attacked you should ask yourself why it is an attack. If it simply disagrees with your post and tells you that you are wrong, this is not an attack. Violent personal attacks and threats will result in a suspension or permanent banning, depending on the situation.

7. Controversial OOC topics are not allowed
This refers specifically to OOC topics related to such things as religion, politics, ethics, etc. Please keep such discussions to more appropriate forums, as we do not wish to see players driven away from Aetolia due to high-friction topics that rarely see resolution.

8. Post in the correct forums.
Aetolia-related threads belong in the Midnight Age forums. Non-Aetolia-related threads belong in the OOC Chat forum.

9. Moderator decisions pertaining to the board are final.
When a moderator or administrator makes a decision this choice is not up for public debate. If you have a problem with the choice made, PM or email that moderator or an administrator. If you create a post to question this choice chances are that post will be locked and you will be issued a warning.

Flaming a moderator for a decision publicly will most likely result in a warning or suspension, depending on the seriousness. Remember, flaming does not mean questioning!

This rule only applies to decisions involving moderation. Moderators participating in the thread do not have the final say and are considered normal members when posting. Argue and debate with them all you want.

10. Post farming is not allowed.
Spamming the message board in order to raise your post account is a violation of the rules. As such anyone found doing this will receive a warning and the posts made will be revoked. Repeat offenders face suspension and a post count reset.

11. Do not bump old posts without good reason.
If you're bumping an old post for a good reason (information was requested or the topic came up again) that is fine. If you are bumping an old post for no reason or simply to be funny, you are looking at a warning.

12. Watch your language.
Self-explanatory. If you're not sure whether the swearing you're about to do violates this rule, just assume it does. If you are quoting someone else swearing, you are responsible for the quote.
This includes modifications of words or using symbols to omit letters in words.

13. No personal wishes/requests of the admins.
This means that if you were shrubbed, you do not use the forums to request unshrubbing early. If you feel you were treated unfairly, you file an issue or mail You do not use the forums.

14. No impersonating other Aetolians.
Do not use a name on the board that is a character in Aetolia unless you are the owner of that character.

15. No hate speech.
Anyone that insults people based on their race, gender, sex, sexual preference, religion, culture, or country of origin, or threatens them explicitly or implicitly is not allowed and may result in an immediate ban. This includes both fellow forum members and your fellow human beings in general.

Put in plain terms, if you want to sound like you belong in the KKK, do it elsewhere.

16. No contacting Moderators in Aetolia
Please respect the privacy of your moderators. Do not contact them within the game to complain about a decision on the forums. If you have a question or concern about a moderation policy, please contact a member of the Divine Administration team.

17. No suspension or banning workarounds.
Once your account has been suspended/banned you may not create another for posting purposes. Also, you may not post on someone's behalf if their account has been suspended/banned.

18. Report Responsibly!
If you are going to report a post to the moderators, do not then continue to respond to the post in question. Doing so is more than likely going to cause further problems. Constantly reporting posts when others are not is most likely going to indicate to the moderators that you are trying to see others get punished, rather than simply reporting rule violations. Be responsible about when you choose to report, or the individual reports will be less effective!

Signature, Titles, and Avatar Rules

Your avatar or signature may not contain the following:
- Explicit sexual images.
- Links to porn or warez.
- Racially offensive or offensive in any way.
If a moderator or administrator feels an image is inappropriate even though it may not fall under the above it may be removed.

Recreating the avatar after it is removed will result in either a warning or suspension and your privileges to use an avatar will be revoked.

Administrative Methods

Each administrator / moderator has his or her own style of moderating the board. As such a basic template has been setup for dealing with each violation of the rules. In the case of a newbie doing something blatantly over the top, just ban him right away.

Warning system

The warning bar below your avatar picture is the system used to punish infractions of the forum rules.

The warning system works as follows:

10% warning level serves as a warning only and carries no consequence.

20% gets you 5 days

30% 10 days

40% 20 days

50% 30 days

60% 60 days

70% 70 days

80% 80 days

Anything over 80% is a permanent ban from the forums.

Using another account to get around a punishment given to you by the Moderating team is a violation of our guidelines and will result in an IP ban.

Administrators reserve the right to permanently ban anyone for particularly grievous offenses.