Dwarves and the Dramedo Crags!

Fickle Pickleton, a Torston Dwarf hired by his Tainhelm brothers to procure mining rights from the Free City of Delve stumbled into Enorian filled with despair. He relayed to Edhain, Vanguard of the Beacon, a tale laced with woe. His brother and other members of their party were trapped on the continent of Albedos in a place known as the Dramedo Crags. Not only trapped, but set upon by forces of the Drakkenmont Empire. This was all the Vanguard needed to hear as he quickly assembled a coalition of forces to travel to the continent across the sea. Once there, and with the permission of Delve's Seneschal, the warriors stormed the Crags, locating Fickle's brother Nickel, and the remaining Dwarven surveyors. Along the way they fought off hordes of enemy troops up to the final confrontation with the monstrous Croggmar the Butcher. The Drakkenmont forces dispatched, and the Dwarves saved, Seneschal Horvatz decreed that the Sapience travelers would be allowed free entrance to the Dramedo Crags, and the Helban settlement beyond.