Corruption of the Slyphian Grotto

Things came to a head between the Dark Lady and the Maelstrom on the 22nd of Niuran, 413 AF, as the Cult of Chakrasul, led by Ashmer Ras'valyra and Tina Cardinalis, marched to glorious purpose, storming the hallowed grounds of the Slyphian Grotto in a bid to seize the Temple for their Mistress. While Chakrasul came away with a wound to the gut during Her duel against Slyphe, She was the eventual victor. Unable to withstand the corrosive spread of Her power through the ministrations of Her Chosen, the sandy foundations of the Grotto eventually gave way, forming a large whirlpool that the Dark Lady has rechristened as the Spiral of the Corrupt. The tainted waters now teem with warped versions of sea creatures that have emerged from its depths. Dare you pit yourself against their strength, or fall to their embrace?