Chrome Extension

If you use the Chrome browser by Google, you will have access to this extension for use on all of the Iron Realms text games. You will be able to access basic information from the game including your character messages, news, logs, what players are online, and more.

Aetolia Chrome Extension

This extension hosts the following features for authenticated game players:

  • Users can log into the extension with their character credentials.
  • Links to their characters in game profile.
  • Reports unread messages from the game
  • Allows users to read messages, news, and logs from the web site.
  • Reports when new game news has been posted.
  • Displays the number of online players in the characters text game.
  • Links to the flash and nexus clients
  • A nifty button that instantly votes for your favorite text game.

This extension is easy to use, but only works with Googles Chrome browser. In other words it will not work with Internet Explorer or Firefox. However, we do have a Firefox toolbar available for use.

Where is the the Chrome Extension?

You can find the Chrome extension here:

To install it, just visit the page in your Chrome browsers and click the Install button.


How can I use the Chrome Extension?

The extension will work immediately after you log in. To do so,  click on the IRE tower button in the top right corner of the Chrome browser. You can then enter your game (Midkemia), your character name, and password. The following image demonstrates this.

Aetolia Chrome Extension


Aetolia Chrome Options

Once you have logged in, it will automatically display your number of unread posts and messages. You can click on the Iron Realms icon to display all available information from the game as shown in the following image.

As you can see in the image, you have access to your news, message, logs, and more directly from your browser.

In addition, the Iron Realms tower will display the number of unread news, messages, and logs that you need to review.