Baelak Shipbreaker and the Nazedha Empire

The four powers of Sapience found themselves approached today by a contingent of Nazetu, claiming to hail from the Empire of Nazedha.

The Ascension of Galleus

Shedding the last vestiges of His mortal vessel, the Sky Sovereign, Galleus, assumed supremacy over the hierarchy of the Gods by gazing within the Ark of the Celestine, taking on the title of Voidseer.

The Spectre of Jaru

Years ago the Carnifex butchered the townsfolk of Jaru and drew their souls into a soulstone of great power.

The Ascendril's Dawn

After several decades, the leylines beneath the Ascendril guildhall gave way to the flow of magic that was channeled above them and exploded in a dazzling display of unbridled energy. As the Ascendril leadership drew towards the smoldering ruins of the guildhall, they found themselves staring into a vortex of elemental power that churned endlessly. Eld drift through the vortex now, steadily drawing power from the collapsed leyline and growing ever in number.

The Abyss of Tiyen Esityi

Wardrums echoed from the depths of the Vashnar mountains as the Nazetu of Tiyen Esityi emerged once more into the world. With a maddened horde, they descended upon Bloodloch, declaring that war had come to the city at last and that their spurning of the Nazetu had was a mistake not to be forgotten. The whispers of chaos and corruption poison even the strongest of minds--for now a shadowy figure known as the Overlord Vostarin stands behind the horde of Nazetu and something malevolent dwells deep beneath the mountain fortress.

A Haunted House

As night descended upon Sapience, the stars littered the skies, the glittering specks of light shifting to align itself perfectly with each other. When midnight approached, the sky lit up with flashes of lightning. Witches never before seen flew past the moon, their spectral figures making for the Mannaseh Swamp as their cackles resounded across Sapience. With a groan and noisy creakings, the Haunted House materialized into being, opening its doors to mortals and undead alike who seek to have the fright of their lives!

Two new areas!

Two new areas were revealed in Aetolia today! An invasion of prototype phase hounds led to the discovery of the Halls of Tornos, an ancient Ankyrean research facility located beneath the Southern Tundra. Later, an earthquake rocked the Siroccian mountains, revealing the Nal'jin Depths deep within the tunnels.

Knights of a New Dusk

The balance of the realm was shaken by the assumption of new powers by the Paladin and Infernal guilds. The Paladins have taken on the mantle of the Templars as bestowed by the proto-angelic Duamvi, while the Infernals exchange their falcons for warhounds and necromantic arts for the true lore of Death, as they embrace the path of the Carnifex!

Damariel, the Unbound

Truth found form in Sapience once again as Damariel, the Unbound emerged as the new Lord of Truth. Following an attack by the Artificer on the Hunter and the Lady of Fire, the once-trapped essences of Lord Lanos and Arion combined in the body of Danerran, a refugee from Albedos. While Sapience mourns the passing of the God of Valour, all eyes are set on the new Truthlord, no doubt waiting to see what He has in store.

The Sky-Darkener's Fall

Alshek, the Sky-Darkener arose in the depths of the Great Oak in the early days of Khepary, 337 MA. Alshek, a corrupted spirit guardian, had spent near ten years seeking a way to destroy Duiran's connection to Dendara. In a heated battle, the whole of Duiran bore their might against Alshek's corrupted brood and a durdalis known as Govon impaled the beast to the Great Oak in a feat of great strength. Dendara yet roils with corruption and Duiran must be ever prepared.

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