Mortals of Sapience began preparing plans to counter the Godkiller, Kerrithrim. Armies were raised, catapults were built and methods of attack were discussed. Immediately upon the monstrosity setting foot upon the shore, the Manipulator sent shadows to impede the beast while He began a great working. As the Kerrithrim advanced, Ivoln, the Earthern Lord tore apart the Raphaelan Highway and left a gaping chasm to slow the monster's progress. The mortals began launching themselves at the two-mile high beast using catapults and scaled its massive body in search of a weak point. Other Gods joined the fray, launching attacks upon the abomination that were easily brushed aside and countered, leaving many of the Divine seriously injured. Eventually, the mortals battling through the creature's body reached its heart chamber. As they destroyed the muscles pumping the heart, the Almighty Kerrithrim roared in agony before it vomited violently and died.