A serene pool in the center of the cavern

A room in the Shaman Guildhall, where Oranis, Shaman of the Praadi stands.

"A comforting feeling of privacy pervades the area. A still, shallow pool fills the very center of the great cavern, rippling and shimmering with reflected light; tiny silver shapes dart and flicker within it, likely carried into the warm depths by the trickles of water spilling down from the forest above. Thick, verdant mosses line the pool's edges, accompanied by the occasional riot of bright, flowering growth, and the air is full of the quiet, echoing noise of shifting water. The cavern stretches away in all directions, the dark stone of its walls and floor lit fitfully by natural radiance from above, or the flickering orange glow of numerous braziers. Sand and gravel are scattered across the cave, shifting quietly underfoot."


Teani's picture
11:16 AM

Wow. Just... wow. That's a really good picture! I love the realism of it, the details. Makes me curious about how it was done.

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