Amal, the Soldier

After an explosion triggered by some careless hunters revealed a secret section of the Ankyrean containment lab, players quickly arrived to investigate. Within there, they found a stasis device imprisoning a being. Curiosity got the better of Atrapoema, who opened the stasis chamber to reveal a grosteque creature. He revealed himself to be creation, and servant, of the Ankyreans, an amalgamation of the Aetolian Races: Amalgamation Prototype One - Amal, for short. After some confusion, he eventually wandered over to Spinesreach to seek his old masters out. Upon reaching the citadel, he was enraged to see it inhabited by rellyw, assuming they had killed the Ankyreans. He went on an inhuman rampage, killing everything in his path. Qeddwyn, the last Ankyrean, eventually managed to calm him down. Questioning Amal managed to reveal he was created to protect the Ankyreans. However, when asked what from, all of reality twisted and made his answers incomprehensible. Realizing nothing further would come of it for now, Qeddwyn decided to take Amal back to his home to further study the creature.