Brave the Darkness of Aetolia

  • Stalk the night as one of the feared Vampires, siring an army of progeny in your bid to eradicate the Light!
  • Explore the twisting depths of dungeons, soaring heights of mountains, and all the lands between!
  • Lead one of the great cities of Sapience in the eternal struggle against the god-like Dreikathi!
  • Get lost in the eldritch mysteries woven through every aspect of life in the world of Aetolia!
  • 100% Free to Play Forever.



Forge Your Path - For Good or Ill

Options for character customization and unique roles are endless in Aetolia, with different guilds, races, ethos, tradeskills and more to embrace.

  • Gain infamy as one of more than twenty classes, with the ability to learn up to ten classes at once!
  • Seek greatness in the ranks of the Fellowship of Explorers, searching out the darkest depths and uncovering their mysteries!
  • Become renowned as one of the great craftsmen of Aetolia; characters can learn Cooking, Forging, Pyrotechnics, Floristry, and much more!
  • Track down and do battle with the mysterious Eld, draining them of vital energies for use in city research and development!

Discover New Worlds and Wonders

The world of Aetolia is always expanding, and opportunities for new adventurers lie just beyond their fingertips!

  • The mysterious continent of Albedos, home to the Dreikathi Empire, continues to expand, with new areas regularly opening!
  • Discovery of new races like the aquatic Utari and the wily Caentoi expand the culture of the realm!
  • Evolving guild structures and changing class mechanics keep politics and warfare an ever-evolving fascination!
  • With no level-cap to limit advancement, the potential for character growth and development is limitless!

To play Aetolia, you just need to create a character. Just click the button below and start playing immediately!

By creating a character you

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News and Events

July 04, 2016

Celebration of the Stars is coming to Aetolia for Year 460, starting July 14th! There's plenty of games to play, and credit prizes to be won! Read more about it

June 21, 2016

Ignaco Resort is now open! This fantastic retreat resides within a scenic area of the Vashnar Mountains. Rent rooms, relax and take in the scenery, or take part in one of the three new mini-games

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